Kabira… breath of life

Kabira, as the name suggests, being noble.
His name appropriately defines who he was. A man whose culture was humanity, whose brother was mankind and whose motive was to plant the seed of nobleness in his entire brotherhood I.e. the mankind.
A man of substance, God’s own child, who didn’t need a mother’s womb to come to this Earth and to bless his brethren, as he belonged to just One Father,His Father in Heaven.
A weaver’s adopted child, for whom the Lord Krishna had woven a cloth with the beams and rays of the Sun as threads, Kabira only had the ways and powers to weave the hearts of the people for the ages to come with threads of love, mercy, sacrifice , simplicity and nobleness.

Neither was he a brahman nor a muslim, his religion was just love, pure love. He realised that the ultimate reality and religion of all beings is Atman I.e. one’s own soul. One cannot call him/herself religious by dressing up like a saint and saying things like a saint, until and unless one has had enough self realisation to preach just one religion and that is Atman, I.e. to free one’s own soul from the clutches of ego, lust, greed, selfishness, hypocrisy and lies. The soul has to be freed and purified with love, nobleness, and simplicity from within.

Just as we see ourselves living in a world so full of dissimilar people like chalk and cheese, some rotten and some righteous, some woeful and some virtuous, we struggle each day to connect with the good and well behaved people around and smile and live happily amongst our society.

Similarly our unseen and pious soul lives in a body that eats and thinks such contrasting kinds of food and thoughts respectively, sometimes saatvic food and sometimes nasstic food, sometimes good and magnificent thoughts and sometimes bad and wicked thoughts. And our soul keeps struggling inside to get the best of food for the body and the thoughts, so that it too can nurture freely, purely and candidly in this body of mud beautifully designed by our Father in Heaven.
Today, in the hustle and bustle of city life , we have lost our peace of mind completely and self realisation has now become a distant dream. We do not realise that words hold no value until they come out from someone’s mouth, and once out ,then they can never be taken back. We do not think at all before using our words powerful as swords before hurting others,  neither do we stop our hands from doing the wrong of others, nor do we close our ears from listening to the immoral words of others.

We have lost all control over our senses that our almighty had blessed us with.
This day reminds me of Kabira, who used his words, his songs, his poems to just preach love, devotion and purity amongst all those who ever were around him and those who ever heard about him in the generations that came after him and those that would be coming.
I would like to wrap up with the fact that there is a Kabir, a beautiful and untainted Kabir inside all of us, who needs to be unmasked within and focussed upon, to enable us to live the lives of fulfilment, contentment and merriment.

We need to close our ears to the outside noise to listen to the beautiful hymns of kindness, benevolence and love that Kabir still sings inside us.

Kabir was neither a saint nor a Sufi, neither a hindu nor a muslim, neither a human nor a God.
He was a pure soul, and he still lives within us, inspite of all the foulness in the world around, he is as fresh and as pure inside us as the first drops of morning dew on the still grass.

To be continued next week : How to awaken the Kabira..Inside you?



  1. This thought happily Ignites our Heart and Soul. We can change our future by merely changing our attitude to the positive. It’s simple yet powerful bcoz you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.

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  2. Beautiful thoughts flowing from the source of river crossing all the pebbles and potholes in its way…this is the jist of everything.
    Bless you.
    Waiting for the next chapter.

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  3. Congratulations beta Shanu.
    I can smell a great Scholar in Ur Writing.
    How beautifully u have described d word ‘Kabira’.
    Very inspiring post which indicates towards National Integration.
    We need to check ourselves,our thoughts nd d words we speak . There is a need to promote Humanity,no question of Hindu nd Muslim.Remeber d lesson of my Skul time where it was mentioned that after d death of ‘Kabira’,d Hindus nd Muslims started fighting for his body’s last rituals.
    Hindus wanted to Criminate nd d Muslims Wanted to bury, later on d Body of Kabira vanished nd only some flowers were left which were distributed amongst both.

    U have wonderfully explained d need of self-realization.
    ” We all have a Kabira within”.Let that Kabira grow nd Survive.
    Salute Ur write up.
    Best wishes.
    Thanks for d Inspiring, Motivating , Alarming lines.
    Best wishes.

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  4. Vijai Singh Negi:
    Excellent write up Shanu!
    I must congratulate you for
    Possessing such a pious and noble thought which has been appropriately linked with a noble and great saintly yesteryear’s figure; the Kabir whose noble couplets(Dohas) are used as ideal moral guidelines even today!
    You also, deserve praise for adopting a crystal
    clear pattern of conceiving an idea,arranging it in step by step progression and simultaneously expressing it in clear words. Your style of writing influences the brain of a reader so well leaving him/her spellbound!
    The concept is also well linked with today’s context wherein we all need to carry put introspection of our inner thoughts as Kabir had endorsed the ideology of ideal humanity long time ago leaving aside all vested interests within us..
    Very well done. Keep it up!
    Continue with greater heights. All the best..!
    Stay blessed!

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  5. Its commendable …
    Just read it..
    Its so inspirational , thanks for throwing light on this Topic .
    Really , we need to look upon our own Kabira and try to feel it
    Waiting for d next one as how to awaken it..
    Luv n luck 🙂

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