How to awaken the Kabira..Inside you?

So, here comes..the most difficult to find the Kabira inside you?

Though its answer is very can something that is to be found within our own self can really be difficult?

As precisely quoted by Kabira, “ Jaise til Mein tel hai, Jyon chamak Mein aag, Tera Sai tugh Mein hai, Tu jaag sake toh jaag”

It clearly means that as the seed contains its oil, as the light contains fire in it, the same way Our
breath has our Kabira, we just need to look within.

With the technological advancements, the world has become a really small place and now its not difficult to find and get anything from any distant nook and corner of the world.
We have widespread road, rail and air connectivities across all the borders and boundaries of the world and it hardly takes a second to watch, find and get the glimpse of whatever strikes our mind.
But what still seems so far is our own self within. There seems to be either no connectivities or maybe hidden routes to go inside our own beautiful body of mud.
Our entire life we keep hovering around this question as to how to go inside, how to attain a state of complete peace and contentment, but there seems to be no easy way out, it seems to be really complex because this is one route which we cannot see with our eyes open.
Instead we need to close our eyes, still ourselves, focus on self calming thoughts, to see an explicit image of something so powerful somewhere inside us, something that is more true than our body and which cannot be separated from us even by death.
So, here I’ll discuss 5 easy steps to help you find the Kabira inside you:

1. Close Your Eyes.
Its necessarily not mandatory for everybody to close the eyes to find and feel our pious,  pristine soul within. But it holds weight in today’s world, where we are surrounded by so much noise and distractions around us that we are hardly able to concentrate on anything other than what we can see with our eyes and listen with our ears. So, here it becomes momentous to close your eyes for a while to all that you see in order to see the unseen.

2. Be still.
Again, its very difficult in today’s world to be in a still and calm state, when there is a never ending race that we have become a part of, when the competition is so intense and this lifetime seems to be so short for outpacing the ones sharing the same boats as us. We need to understand that there is nothing wrong with growth, in fact growth is very vital to our existence. Our Creator has sent us here so that we can grow each moment beautifully. We need to spring up and become the most beautiful image of our Almighty. The competition should be with our own self, and the growth should be at our own physical, mental, moral and spiritual level. But we have forgotten the true significance of growth in our lives, and so we really need to be still to know what has always been unknown to us.

3. Try to visualise the most beautiful image of what gives you peace.
It can be your Guru, or the God that you worship, or something like a beautiful blooming flower, or your spirit guide, it could be anything, anything which you can visualise in all its beauty and you want to see more of it and you just don’t want to take your eyes off it. Try and focus on its light, on its shine, its glow. Is its blaze brighter than those of a million candles kept together at a place?Does it want to tell you something? Is it trying to portray some part of your real existence? Keep focussing. It is the light within you, it is the real you. And it’ll keep getting brighter and coming closer to you as you’ll keep concentrating.

4. Try to listen that is unsaid.
The beautiful and peaceful image that is in front of you, may not talk like we do and may not use a language that you use. But it will communicate with you and through a very powerful medium I.e. your own mind. As you’ll keep on focusing on it, it’ll let you know how beautiful you are from inside, and for what purpose have you been sent to this place on earth and why have you embarked on this journey and how far you still need to go. It’ll give you all the answers that you need to know, it’ll show you the ways and worlds beyond the mysteries of the Universe, it’ll show you your own inner self that you have forgotten long ago.

5. Don’t break the connection that you have created.
Yes, you have finally formed a very deep and pious connection with something so pure and peaceful, yet so powerful. You have found your Kabira, who talks to you, who has answers to all your quests ,who gives you immense peace, and whose light has outshined everything outside you that you see with your naked eyes. Here’s the Kabira shining inside you. Now you just need to nurture this bond that you have formed, and never let the Kabira inside you die till you are alive, for Kabira is the breath in your breath.

Now, its upto soon you find the Kabira within you.

Do share your experiences after practising the above mentioned steps.



  1. Wowww shanu you explained very well ki hme kse Apne andr ke kabira ko jgana h hme ye starting krni chaiye Apne ap se AJ se abhi se Boht hi achi baten hn ye jinko agr hm APNI life me adopt kren to hm Apne Ander ke kabira ko jga skte h …well done Beta God bless you always 💝

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  2. “मानो तो मै गंगा माँ हू न मानो तो बहता पानी ” इसका मतलब साफ हे कि जो अपने मन से जाग जाए वह कबीरा और जो न जगा पाए मन को ____उसका कुछ नहीं किया जा सकता है ।जिस तरह गंगा के पानी का कई लोग आचमन करते है अमृत समझ कर और कई लोग उसे अपवित्र करते है।शानू आपको बेहतरीन ब्लॉग के लिए बधाई और उम्मीद करता हूँ कि और भी ऐसे ही ब्लॉग पढने को मिलेंगे ।

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  3. So nicely explained. .thanks Shanu for your excellent write up..Yes we all want to awaken the Kabira within . And we can do so just by sparing few minutes and following the above mentioned steps..
    Great.. dear Shanu beta keep posting ..

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  4. Shanu How beautifully u have explained the steps to awaken the Kabira inside us. Hope we all at least try with the steps so easily explained to do so n continue to make it a practice n soak into its spiritualiy n really do awaken the Kabira inside which is in all n everyone but with our long journey of daily life hav been buried deep down.

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  5. Shanu , you possess wonderful positive thoughts which will benefit the many readers by assigning them mental peace!
    We all are assigned specific task by the creator whom we refer as God and are required to assist this invisible power in running the universe purposefully! Here our Kabira plays important role towards the accomplishment of the respective task asigned to each one of us …..
    You are absolutely right that in today’s technological world, there is a definite need to awaken the Kabira within us in order to fulfil our responsibilities successfully.
    You possess clarity of thoughts related to spirituality and philosophy of happy life which have been amplified
    crystal clear stepwise in your write up.
    Continue striving towards achievement of pinnacles of success in your meaningful stride as a successful writer!
    Your work will definitely helps many of us in today’s mad race…….
    Stay blessed.

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    • Thank you so much..Im really glad that you could absorb the very essence of my words..
      A writer feels really content when the readers understand the writer’s perspective..
      i hope you enjoy reading all the upcoming posts as well🙂


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