Guru! Do we really need a Spiritual Sailor?

Anurag was in 3rd standard of his school, when he sat down one evening with his father and started asking him several questions. He asked him,”daddy what dream should I have in my life?Today in the class, our teacher asked each of us about our dreams.
And I had just no answer to it.

Is it really important to have a dream daddy?
My life is already so cool daddy, I am happy while getting up, going to school, coming back and playing games and doing my home work and going off to bed.
Then what is the need of having any dream daddy?
My teacher told me to think over what is my dream and come and tell her tomorrow morning in the class. Why is it imperative to know or decide my dream daddy?”

His father, pondering over Anurag’s questions, told him after a while, that “yes son, we all have some dreams in life and you too should have one.
A dream gives direction to one’s life, it becomes the guiding light, and it tells us which roads to take and which ones to bypass.
What will you do once your studies are completed? Which trail to take on after that?
Who is going to decide that for you then?
Here comes into play the role of one’s dream.

Your dream will guide you throughout, your dream will set you on a beautiful journey leading you towards utmost happiness, both on the way and after you achieve it, I.e. when you reach your destination.
So, yes its really essential to have a dream and chase it then till you accomplish whatever you dreamt of.”

Anurag quietly heard all that his father said, trying to absorb the very meaning of his father’s words and then started thinking about his dream with the best of his brains.
He told his teacher next day that,”I want to become a doctor and cure all the physical problems that I see people around suffering from, I want to cure all the disabled beggars on the street lights, all the elderly people suffering from various problems and when I grow up, I want to work towards making this world a really beautiful place to live for everyone who is alive.”
The teacher was astonished upon hearing this from such a young innocent child, and that made her ask Anurag,”who helped you figure out your dream Anurag”?
To which he replied that,”my daddy told me the significance of having a dream in life and that dreams bring us real joy while trying to accomplish them and even more joy after we succeed in achieving them. So then it became easy for me to decide on striving for what would bring me a lot of happiness. Daddy’s words helped me figure out that this is what I always have been unknowingly dreaming about, and attaining this would give me immense happiness, to see everyone around me healthy, happy and frolicking.”
Anurag’s story made me ponder over the significance of a Guru in our life.
Isn’t a Guru as important to our soul, as our dreams to our body?
We are happy right now just as Anurag, leading our lives the way we want to, fulfilling our responsibilities, sometimes rejoicing and sometimes cribbing over our circumstances.
But what after this life? When the time comes for our soul to change its clothes i.e. its body? When the time comes to cross that dark tunnel and look over our own karmas?
What then?
We know that we have come from somewhere, and that we will go somewhere, we do not belong to this country ,city or town. This place did not form us, it is just nurturing our body of mud. Our soul has been brought into existence by an unknown Creator, at a place which belongs to us, but is still unknown and unseen to our sight.
There is a purpose for which we have been sent here and once it is fulfilled, we have to move on and leave our clothes i.e. our body and move on to something greater than this life, something real, where each of us really belong.

As Guru Nanak Dev Ji appropriately said,

 “Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru no-one can cross over to the other shore. I bow at His feet constantly, and pray to Him, the Guru, the True Guru, has shown me the way.”

This should help us comprehend the bigger picture, that as important was his father’s guidance for Anurag to discover his worldly paths towards happiness, the same way is vital to our soul and our being, our Guru’s guidance, to discover our parts and paths beyond this world, towards an ocean of emotions greater than worldly happiness and satisfaction. For only our Guru’s words can be our true guiding light, revealing to our soul for what has it been sent to this place and amongst these people, Our Guru’s healing words can only comfort our unending thirst of something unknown throughout our lives and only our Guru can make us believe that we are a soul, not just a body, and can help us clap our eyes on our true destination and purpose and its pathway.

He can only open our eyes, that have been blinded by the illusionary realities of this world ever since, to a world that is real and can help us keep them open forever, to the greater truth, true beauty of a soul, of its existence and its role.

As Sant Kabir Saheb described beautifully when asked about His Guru,

“Make the whole of the land surface into paper, all the timber of the woods into pens, and all the waters of the oceans into ink, it is still impossible to pen down all the virtues of the Guru”





    • Congratulations.
      Beautiful Write up Beta Shanu.
      Yes,it’s very true that we all need a Guru to show us d proper Direction nd guide us.
      He is the only person to help us in making the Correct use of our Brain.
      He is like a Torch to remove the Dark from our path,our lives.
      That Guru can be our Family member,any Human,Plants, Animals or any Non living thing.
      Every thing Present on this Planet ,teaches us something and it’s the ‘Guru’,who acts like a Charger to give us a Start.
      Thanks a lot.
      Me too learning a lot from U.
      No age group to be a Teacher or a learner.
      Best wishes.
      Keep it up

      Liked by 1 person

  1. shanu i m trully amazed at the depth of yur thinking . how beautifully n in such simplicity of expressions hav u described the need of a guru in our lives god bless . keep up the great work

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pleasantly surprised and impressed after reading your deep thoughts Shanu.
    Truly, dreams play a vital role in shaping our lives, so as Guru in shaping our innermost.
    Keep it up beta.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very beautifully expressed. We do need a guru to help us in finding a soul guru within us. Father explained so well to anurag & he could know wat he had in store for future. Well written Shanu. Simple & nyc way to put across. Thanx dear.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations Shanu beta for another beautiful write up…
    True we do need a Guru to guide us give us help us to find ourselves. . Thanks dear for another superb thought. .Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Shanu, congratulations for your new write up.. I must appreciate you for conceiving a clear thought and putting it across the layman reader. You have successfully communicated your thought through an easy methodology of anecdote!
    Your positive thought process,called dream and viewing it through spiritual lense is praiseworthy. That is amply clear to a reader with the example of an anecdote followed by spiritual linking of purpose of our life and further need of a guide in the form of Guru to achieve the the goal of our dream!
    Lord Krishna exactly conveyed to Arjuna in the battlefied of the Kurukshetra as examplified by you in this write up about our “Karma”!
    Thus, there is a definite need of a guide(Guru) to open the doors of enlightenment for achieving satisfaction through right Karmas…
    Congratulations for achieving another feat in your chosen field of interest. Your thought process is gradually gaining more depth and fluency.
    Wishing you many more success and laurels as writer and philosopher…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Itz truly said ” Guru bin gati nahi “… Yes itz important to have guru in our lives for right direction n path we choose… Depth of your story is amazing n deep…. Keep it up.. Waiting for more to come…. Loved to read all ur bloggs

    Liked by 1 person

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