Silence..a word heard so less often these days.
I know we belong to a generation that loves noise, or maybe everything thats too loud.
But I would like to share a short experience that I had years ago.
I was never acquainted with the real meaning of silence, until I met this man at the airport while I was travelling to Dubai.
He was carrying a bundle of books in his hand, which got fallen by me, by mistake, as I was walking lost in my own world of thoughts. His name was Mihir and he seemed to be quite an intellectual man, and when I picked up the books for him, I found one of my favourite books amongst those, which I asked him to lend me for a quick read. We were sitting in the airport lounge and reading our books respectively. And then soon enough, a casual conversation started in between us.
He seemed to be quiet (maybe just too quiet) during most of the conversation, or maybe during almost the entire conversation, as in he would ask a question and then just listen, very quietly and calmly, till I was left with no single word or thought left in my mind to express.
This somehow made me ask him finally(after a couple of minutes), that “Why are you so quiet? Are you like that always or are you depressed or lost right now? Is there something thats bothering you? Is there some problem? As in, Is there anything really wrong?
Not much surprised with my questions, he answered patiently, I’M really fond of staying silent. Silence doesn’t signify depression, hurt, agony, stress or any such thing. In silence, I find solace.
When I’m silent, I’m listening. And when I’m listening, I’m learning. I’m paying my due respect to you by listening carefully to every word that you said. Silence gives meaning to words. If I had not been silent while you were doing all the talking, probably your words would’t have held any meaning to any of us, because they would not have been heard by any of us. And right now when I’m speaking, if you had not been quietly listening, my words would have gone completely unheard.
In silence, we find peace. In silence, we find truth. And in silence, we find our self.
And I found his every word so practically true. As long as he was telling me all this and I was silent, I could comprehend his words so much more carefully. Silence really adds so much more meaning to words.

He added, that though we can never stay silent forever. Nature makes sure that we speak somehow. Sometimes it suggests us words, sentences and expressions to ease ourselves and sometimes to ease others.

But words hold no significance without silence. If you haven’t experienced the power of silence, you’ll never really know the power of words.

When Lord Buddha experienced the light of the mighty God for the first time, He kept silent, altogether for 7 days, and experienced the zenith of true joy and contentment. The messengers of God themselves had to come to him to make him speak, so that he can pave a way for others to follow, and so that he can guide other lost and eager souls and make it easier for them too to experience this light.
So, silence gives limitless joy.

When Lord Buddha left his young wife, Yashodhara, with a 2 day old son, to seek enlightenment, She kept silent over all the fury that her father had for lord buddha, She kept silent over everything that the world had to say. She used her words only to calm herself and everyone around. She inspired and continues to inspire every one with her definitions of faith, true love and forgiveness.
So, in silence, we find wisdom, compassion and the art of forgiveness. Silence is a complete remedy in itself, and can heal all our wounds, scars and pain in the most comforting way.

And as a popular verse in the Holy Bible says,
Isaiah 53:7

“He was oppressed and He was affiliated, Yet He did not open His mouth; Like a lamb that is led to slaughter, And like a sheep that is silent before its shearers, So He did not open His mouth.”

His silence told and continues to tell us that Yes, He was the Son of God.

So, silence is much more powerful than words, and what words can never explain, silence does it at its best.
In silence, there is life. There is a music in our soul that only a silent heart can hear, and that only a silent mind can comprehend and that only a silent soul can contain and preserve inside it forever.
Before he could add more to this conversation, the last boarding call for his flight came and all of a sudden, I felt like I woke up from a deep dream like situation, and then he had to leave.
I never saw him again, nor ever heard from him again, but His words still echo inside me. Some conversations with the right people are really priceless and can last forever.
And now somehow, I find silence as the most comforting expression and emotion ever. Now I know how does it really feel to hear the sound of the silence.




  1. Its trully beautiful indeed. I know becoz i too experience its beauty when in silence. N the silence from within just cannot be expressed but only experienced from with. But u hav explained the true beauty of it in such a simple language that only a connoisseur can do. Plz keep up the grt work. I m one of yur fans.

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  2. wow beautiful post nd blog as well nd its really true that silence has a lot of power no doubt nd it makes u powerful for listening nd understanding one’s thought really amazing blog keep it up Sanaya Beta god bless u

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  4. Congratulations Shanu for excellent write up on awakening the inner peace through silence!
    The synonym of silence is peace and patience with connotations of capabilities of the mind to attain the salvation; the final peace…!
    You possess a very clear thought process and That is evidently exhibited in your write up!
    This thought will definitely help the readers to learn the technique of achieving silence in practice and spirit!
    Continue excelling … Wishing you many more laurels in future!

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  5. Again an excellent write up ..congratulations Shanu..Keep on posting such beautiful thoughts .
    Yes Silence does not hurt anyone.. in silence one finds inner peace, enlightenment and solace. I am really amazed with your deep thinking. .keep it up. .God bless you beta.

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  6. Beautiful Write up Beta Shanu.I have started looking forward for your Writings.

    Silence🤔a great Tool of a Successful person .
    It doesn’t mean a person to be Ignorant or one has to speak a lot to prove his or her intelligence.
    The Silent People r d most observant people.
    Nature to is Silent nd observes Us nd Rewards /Punishes Us for Our Acts.
    Thanks for d Inspiring post.
    Blessings nd Best wishes.

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  7. Amazing and inspiring thought.
    You explained so well THE POWER OF SILENCE. Great write up . Congratulations Shanu beta. Keep it up . Blessings and best wishes.

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  8. Once again an awesome write up by Shanu (princess of Neelu Kataria). Definition of silence is defined in a very dignified way. All our Saints and Guru’s have been to the higher altitudes and remained in silence for years together and they all gained immense knowledge. While speaking is important but when one is speaking he/ she is only repeating and while listening one understands and learns New things. While being silent one gains energy and becomes a devout person. Which is also called “tapp”. Shanu you have very nicely summed up that “if you haven’t experienced the power of silence, you’ll never really know the power of words”. It is true that “in silence, we find peace. In silence, we find truth. And in silence, we find ourselves”. Looking forward to more such blogs from you. God bless you beta.

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  9. Excellent write up…congratulations Shanu.
    True ..silence is more powerful than words.
    Silence is a state where your mind rules your emotions. One is more powerful and decisive.
    Keep on writing such beautiful thoughts ..God bless you

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  10. So true. I started meditating HEAVILY over the past year…an hour a day. The more I sit in silence while meditating, the more comfortable I am in my every day life. There’s no need to banter on and on…most of it is nonsense anyway. And when I’m quiet, lo and behold! I can hear the birds!

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